India Education Conclave

India Education Conclave conducts educational conclave every alternate year in different cities of india

Quality Education, Challenges & Prospects

13th - 16th June 2019

Venue: Hyderabad.

Collaborative / Academic Partners

Indian Education Conclave


India Education Conclave conducts educational conclave every alternate year in different cities of india, This is our fifth Conclave the first happend in Hyderabad-2011, Second one was conducated in calicut-2013, Third one was in Delhi-2015, Fourth one was in Muradabad-2017, and the Fifth one is going to happen in Hyderabad-2019... Know More


MESCO is a social enterprise established by group of Doctors in 1982 working for the human welfare in the field of educataion... Know More


All India Educational Movement was founded in December 1995 in New Delhi at the culmination of the All India Educational Caravan launched in cooperation with a number of NGOs working for the cause of educational upliftment of the backward...Know More

Objectives Of The Conference:

1. To create awareness among our community to Apply in best higher Educational institutions across the country.
2. To show a roadmap in increasing our students representation from present level of 1-2% through to 10% in next 5 years, among premium institutions across India.
3. To brainstorm, deliberate and educate our teachers and faculty members in continuation of professional development Education throughout their professional engagement.
4. To build, maintain and sustain high quality education standards in our institutions.



Congregation of distinguish personalities from academia, Government and Industry for exchange of ideas & collaborations to contribute in the growth of our lovely country India.


All India Education Movement would recognize and felicitate for the excellent contribution in education sector


Showcase of latest solutions, cutting-edge technology and best practices of our glorious past for improving our education ecosystem

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