International Conference on History of Islamic Medicine- 2015(Calicut)

Dr.Fakhruddin Mohammed.

Organizing Chairman

Honorary Secretary, MESCO

I have great pleasure in welcoming you, to the International Conference on "History of Islamic Medicine" on 2nd, 3rd & 4th January 2015, held at University of Calicut, Kerala by International Institute of Islamic Medicine (IIIM), Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA) in collaboration with Muslim Educational Society (MES), Kerala to commemorate MES 50 year of glorious Golden Jubilee Year and Muslim, Educational, Social & Cultural Organization (MESCO), Hyderabad under the India Education Conclave 2015.

Whilst the Age of Islam was a time of intellectualism and scientific, social and philosophical advances, the greatest contribution to the world was Islamic Medicine. The Islamic scholars gathered vast amounts of information, from around the known world, adding their own 'observations and developing techniques and procedures that would form the basis of Modem medicine. In the history of Medicine, Islamic Medicine stands out as the period of greatest advance, mainly before the technology of the 20 century.

For early Muslims, knowledge was a treasure, they would eagerly seek. Medical science and pharmacy were no exceptions. Studying history we can see that medicine within the Islam civilization passed through 3 stages:

The first stage started in the early 7th century by collecting and translating the medical knowledge of Greeks, Persians, Assyrian Syrians, Indians and Byzantines.

Soon enough, Muslim physicians started to elaborate on the collected body of knowledge and largely expand it through experience, exploration, experimentation, testing and practice. This was during the Golden Age of Islamic Civilization that brought the original contributions of Muslim physicians in the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Herbal, Nutritional and Botanical fields. This second stage extended during 9th to 13 th Centuries.

During the last stage however, decline occurred which reflected the stagnation and gradual deterioration of whole Islamic nation. Starting from the beginning of 17th century, Islamic Medicine was challenged by rapidly spreading science of the Conventional Modern Medicine; which eventually replaced the core of the healthcare systems in most of the Islamic countries.

International Institute of Medicine (IIIM) was founded as a charter of Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA), one the largest faith-based medical groups in the world. Every year the Institute is holding conference in different parts of the Globe to bring awareness and also motivate the present generation of scholars and new generation youth to once again bring back the glory of discoveries and inventions which were always associated with Muslim scholars because their basic and foundation was teaching of Quran and practices of Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him.

Dr. Hussain Nagamia, an eminent Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Professor of Surgery in South Florid University, Tampa, USA is the Founder & Chairman of International Institute of Islamic Medicine (IIIM), a unique initiation in Islamic Medicine. A museum is also being established with Varied collection of Books, Manuscripts, Charts, Posters, Replica and Models. This museum will be a sence of authentic information and shortly will be associated with the Northwest Suburban College having Allied Health Science and Premedical training for Associate of Science (A.S.) certification based in Chicago, USA.

The University of Calicut in Kerala, Vice Chancellor, Prof. M. A. Salam was kind enough to not only collaborate but also has consented to host this International Conference in the University of Calicut.

The Theme of Conference is "History of Islamic Medicine & Advances in Alternative Medicine".

The Scientific session topics are:

  • History of Islamic Medicine
  • Surgery & Anesthesia
  • Pharmacology
  • Cardiology
  • Medical History & Hospital
  • Ophthalmology
  • Public Health & Hygiene


  • Ayurveda
  • Yoga & Naturopathy
  • Unani
  • Siddha
  • Homeopathy

The conference program will include plenary sessions, guest lectures and paper presentations, poster sessions, product presentations, panel discussions and an exhibition. The conference will provide a good opportunity for the delegates to view and learn different subjects of their interest through the presentations and discussions and will be able to hear and interact with speakers of National and International repute. Conference will also comprise of Exhibition which will include contribution of Muslims to medicine and information related products and solutions from vendors to show case latest developments and contents.

Doctors and Medical students from all over India and Abroad have contributed papers and poster presentation for the conference. The papers and posters are based on research and original papers, case studies and action plans rather than theoretical explanations. More than 40 papers and 20 posters are selected for presentation and there will be six (6) keynote addresses with emphasis on not only History but the current practice of Medical Ethics.

I hope that this conference will create Awareness among new generations about the golden history and the achievements of Muslim Scholars and also they will he motivated to understand Quran & derive right inspiration and direction to make the future as brighter as and better than the past.

I Invite you to join this exciting journey in to a bright future and extend my best wishes to all the participants.

Life Time Achievement Award for Janab Syed Vicaruddin SaLife Time Achievement Award for Janab Syed Vicaruddin Saheb-Editor in Chief, Rehnuma-e-Deccan, Hyderabad

Janab Syed Vicaruddin Saheb receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from Justice M.S.A.Siddiqui, Chairman National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions at a Function organised by MESCO and CMEII at Hyderabad. Dr.Fakhruddin Mohammed saheb, Chief of Mesco is also seen in the picture

The Muslim Educational Society
Dr.Fakhruddin Mohammed, Chairman, MESCO , Hyderabad, speaks at the seminar “Post Sachar Progress of Muslim Community” on 24-01-2015 at Calicut

Dr. Fakhruddin Mohammad, Organising Secretary & Hony. Secretary, MESCO, Hyderabad delivering his views.

23rd AFMI International Convention, educational conference and Gala Award Ceremony (2014)

Kozhikode: Kerala has emerged as an emulative model in terms of the Muslim women’s education, IUML MP and former Union Minister of Education E Ahmed has said. Most of the educational institutions in the state have good number of women students with some of them leading with 75 per cent women representation, he added.

Ahmed was inaugurating the 23rd AFMI ‘International Convention, educational conference and Gala Award Ceremony’ at Tagore Centenary Hall on Saturday. The function was jointly organised by the American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (AFMI) and Muslim Educational Society (MES).

“The Muslim community has attained cent per cent literacy in the state while the other states depict the pathetic condition of Muslims, who are lagging far behind in various fields including education,” E Ahmed pointed out.

Stating that the Malabar region is witnessing an educational explosion E Ahmed said that the region is now leading with five universities and more than 400 colleges after it was once left with only one university and a few of colleges.

Recalling the contributions of the political leaders to the development of the region in the educational sector, E Ahmed said that Malabar, for such achievements, owes its gratitude to IUML leaders like C H Mohammed Koya, K M Seethi Sahib and Syed Mohammedali Shihab Thangal

E Ahmed MP inaugurating the 23rd AFMI International Convention, educational conference and Gala Award Ceremony at Tagore Centenary Hall on Saturday

AFMI founder trustee, Dr A Rahman S Nakadar presented the award for the best educational and social activist to MES state president Dr Fasal Gafoor at the function. Medals and awards were distributed to the selected students from across the country for scoring highest marks in 10th and 12th board examinations.

An educational seminar was also held. Ayyub Khan, Dr. Tajudheen Ahmed, Dr. Suhaib Siddiqi, Dr. Sakaria and Dr. Ali Quraishi presented articles at the seminar.
AFMI functionaries Dr Sayed Azeemuddin, Dr Hussain F Nagamia and Dr Fakhrudhin and oorganizingconvener P H Mohammed were also present.
An exhibition on Islamic medicine was also held in MES Women’s College at Nadakkavu in connection with the two day conference.


Abul Qasim

Al-Zahrawis, New Delhi (2013)

Albucasis ( 936 AD-1013 AD )

Legacy in Medicine and Surgery

Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi, on the advice of Prof. Ahmed Abdul Hai, Chief Editor Journal of Surgery of Indian Society of Surgeons and an eminient teacher and Surgeon, conducted series of meetings with Medical Professionals, Social Scientists, Historians and Management experts to decide on holding a conference to commemorate the thousand (1000) years of Abdul Qasim Al Zahrawi, contribution to science, surgery and medical ethics, he is also popularly known as the "Father of Modern Surgery" even though his works are dated more than thousand years

MESCO( Mesco Educational Social and Cultural Organisation) Hyderabad based Organisation Medical Doctors and distinguished professionals volunteered to collaborate this historic event.

A three day (3) International conference was planned to be held in New Delhi in the month of December, 2013 with satellite meetings in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Aligarh, Meerut, UP and Patna, Bihar.

Advisory committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Manzoor Alam regularly guided us in the smoot conduct in the preparation of the conference.

India Islamic Cultural Centre was requested to cosponsor the three days event and the President Janab Sirajuddin Qureshi and his management team agreed to provide the IICC premises as the Venue of the conference, The organising committee is greatful to the management and the members of IICC, specially the President, the Vice President Mr. M. Safdar Khan and the Secretary Mr. Wasi Ahmed Nomani.

Mr. K. Rahman Khan Sb the Honorable Minister of Minority Affairs Govt. of India had kindly consented to Inaugurate this event and has been kind even to patronise the conference. The orgnaising committee is greatful to Janab Rahman Khan for his kindness and concern for the upliftment of the underserved and deserving.

For the scientific program the committee called for the Papers and Poster Presentation. It was heartning to note that more than one hundred (100) responses were received from Senior Faculty, Research Scholars, Post Graduate students of Medicine, Unani system, Pharmacy, History and Social Sciences.

The committee has to provide six (6) main sessions with six (6) parallel session with four (4) speakers each on eight (8) topics as per the theme.

For the poster presentation ten (10) topics were chosen and 15 posters are identified

Inshallah twenty (20) foreign speakers and more than five hundred (500) delegates have participating in the three days Conference.

The Exhibition Committee under the convenorship of Mr. MA Lateef Atear has done a remarkable job of identifyng thirty (30) insturments of Al- Zahrawi and got the replica done in Brass metal for display. Posters are made giving details of the works of Al -Zahrawi especially in different fileds along with the contributions of many more Muslim Scientists of that period. These exhibits are not only informative from the Historical point but will also motivate the young scientists and the upcoming generation.

The Organizing Committee is thankful Prof. A R Momin for preparing the concept note of the conference, to the staff members of Institute of Objective Studies (I0S) personally Mr. lqbal Hussain. Program Officer, Mr. Ataur Rahman, Administrative Officer . Mr. Mansoor Ahmed, Mr. Khalid Nadwi, Dr. Qamar Ishaque, Mr. Shahzad Alam and all others for the conduct of the conference preparation Mr. M.A.Lateef Atear and Mr. Jawad Haqqani of Momumtum Advertising Pvt. Ltd. did an excellent job of designing the concept and preparing the Posters, Brochure and other awareness material Special thanks to Dr. Mohammed Yousuf Azam, Professor of Surgery for his guidance in prrparing the scientific schedule along with Dr. Mohammed Iftekaruddin. Director MESCO, Hyderabad.

No words are enough to thank our families specially our spouses for letting us use their time spare us for this activity.

Allahumdullah Allah Alimighty gave us the vision and capable hands to organise this historic event and we pray for guidance and Almighty’s benevelonce.


Welcome to all
Dr. Fakhruddin Mohammed
Organising Secretary &
Honorary Secretary , MESCO-Hyderabad.